By Author Chad Kister

The US Patriot Act has created a Police State of tyranny and oppression, hidden by National Security Letters that cover up the government caused crimes.  Under the unConstitutional sneak and peek provision, terrorist government thugs break into people's homes and search, rob, poison and assault the liberties of the very best and most patriotic of citizens.  These acts, which are being committed by the tens of thousands every day, if not more, are a flagrant violation of safeguards of the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution against unwarranted search and seizure.  It is time to repeal the patriot act, and provide a detailed report of every single act that has ever been done under it.

On November 15, 2017 government goons issued a threatening call.  These goons would make cancer patients die, glaucoma patients go blind, and children die of seizures by denying them medical marijuana.  Though the Patriot Act was enacted to prevent terrorism, today, 99 percent of the time it is used for non-terrorism investigations, mostly going after medical marijuana patients who criticize the NSA.

Criminal from caller ID 815-298-3422 admits urinating in Chad Kister’s beer (audio clip).  They intend to murder Chad Kister to cover up the brain implant (see www.brainimplant.info).

Video of William Black robbing Chad Kister of hundreds of dollars and valuables including some of his best negatives from his 4 expeidtions through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
William Black is an alcoholic who drinks 24 beers per day: that is the kind of person tha NSA gives carte blanche power to!!!

Now, Sadistic Terrorists are intercepting Chad Kister's phone calls!!!  Try calling his phone numbers, 740-753-3000 or 740-753-3888 or 740-707-4110 and record the calls!  Call repeatedly and file complaints with the FCC if you do not get through to Chad Kister.  Chad Kister is the only person authorized to answer his phone calls.  Feel free to record calls and post them to the internet.  Hear an imposter claiming to be Chad Kister at  www.chadkister.com

Massive numbers of secret government terrorists continue to attack Chad Kister on a daily basis.  They break in, urinate in the beer Kister is making, destroy video surveillance, and keep him from leaving his house, causing massive damage to one of the lowest income individuals in the United States: Chad Kister.  He earns far less than the poverty line but would be quite wealthy were it not for secret government attacks. 

The US Supreme Court ruled on January, 2012 that GPS tracking devices are unConstitutional when used without a court order:

Youtube videos showing FBI agents with GPS tracker on students' cars



FBI Gestapo Thugs are breaking in citizen's homes every day, wreaking havoc on our civil liberties and our right to be left alone.  Those concerned about civil liberties are labeled terrorists, by those who are by far the biggest terrorists in our country today.  With the patriot act, police themselves are by far the biggest terrorists in our country: breaking into people's homes each and every day without even a court order. 

I know first hand about state-sponsored terrorism, and police brutality, having been beaten nearly to death by police in Washington DC on April 16, 2000.

This web site will provide detailed reports about abuses of citizens by law enforcement done under the Patriot Act, and will work to repeal the Patriot Act, and expose all misdeeds that have been done in secret.

America today is like Germany was in the late 1930s, only instead of a single Hitler, we have a Gestapo Police State that routinely murders its critics.  The FBI had hundreds of thousands of pages of documents about Martin Luther King done with covert wiretapping and other means.  Had the FBI been working to protect Dr. King, instead of attack him, he would probably still be alive today.

The FBI today stands for the Fascist Bunch of Intimidators, and the entire agency should be disbanded, and replaced with a new intelligence community, built from scratch with transparency and public scrutiny at all possible levels.  Once people realize what the terrorists in our government have been doing, such as putting brain implants into people against their will, they will demand change.

What would you have done if you could have stopped Adolph Hitler in the late 1930s?  The Patriot Act itself is like Adolph Hitler.  The act prohibits exposing misdeeds done under it if exposing them might cause civil unrest.  Thus, murders and an increasing, massive number of misdeeds, that make nearly every FBI agent and police officer in America today a likely felon if not murderer, are spreading like a cancer.

Now, the FBI is putting brain implants into its critics in an effort to declare them insane.  See  www.brainimplant.info
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